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Connor Turner

New shoes, new home.

28th July, 2020


Good afternoon Mr. Cox,

My name is Priscilla Ewing and I am what is called a, Community Health Worker for the Family Health Center. Ms. Pamela M. is my client for health and well being purposes. Thank you for responding to the cry for help in Ms. M. housing situation. Ms. M. and myself welcome all help in the correct path to take in this matter. ....

4th June, 2020


LaDonna M.,

Hello, I recently made a referral to the Unite Us platform and SOUL was prompt to meet the needs of a member that I referred. This member reports that he is very grateful to Dustin and JD for assisting him. Your work is inspirational and member describes what you all have done for him as going way past above and beyond. Thank you for being a great resource. You truly change lives and uplift. Thank you so much.

16th May, 2020


James C.

Covered all areas, helped me to reenter mainstream society. Would like them to have weekend hours.

8th August, 2019


Anthony E.

Mr. Dustin was caring, supportive and helpful, and made sure i received all the help I needed.

The program is incredible

8th June, 2019


Jodi Ross

Friendliness and Patience

We had a difficult time due to out of state transfer but Joseph and Dustin remained patient and worked with me until the end

29th May, 2019


Charlene B.

Mr. Cox was very professional and courteous person and polite.

Praise God for housing

24th May, 2019


Mark E

They helped me with everything i needed.

8th May, 2019


Michelle Halton

The staff who assisted me was so very wonderful. Thank God for Dustin Cox, Please stay open

I thank God for the SOUL Clinic they helped me so very much. Thank you again and again.

25th April, 2019


Tammy M

Great staff, its great how it is. God has blessed me through recovery and this church for clothes. Thank you and Dustin Cox. God bless

15th April, 2019


Tiffany M.

They helped me in any and every way needed.

10th April, 2019


Dorthy Hagan,

They are true human beings the information and questions I needed on point.

8th January, 2019


Kendrall Underwood,

Very helpful to my needs and understands me well.

8th January, 2019


Dennis Buckels,

Friendly and helpful, knowledgeable of services, supportive, provided appropriate services, identified my goals, met my needs.

8th January, 2019



I am VERY VERY grateful to this program for all of it's resources and opportunities. I am honored that there is a place and genuine people willing to help me better myself and helping others like me and my family in the community. I am currently going through some very rough times as far as emotional mental and financial and they are doing everything in their power to give me the chance to work things out with housing, house supplies, transportation, furniture just everything and i really appreciate it there is nothing that they held back from me everything they knew they shared with me!

5th January, 2019


Beasley Family,

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and the community and others. God Bless you.

26th October, 2016


Marissa D & Joseph C,

The work that they do is amazing... they help out so much the transportation help with finding a way to get us each a bike so we could always have a way to get round besides walking... I appreciate how much they show us respect and that they genuinely care for us which is nice.

29th September, 2016


Molly Brewer,

I've been working with a young lady for some time and finally reached out to SOUL Clinic for help. Within a few hours she had housing, for a night and possibly much longer, and referrals to other much needed community services. I've worked with SOUL Clinic myself for some years now and am glad to be apart of it.

22nd September, 2016


Aaron Jameson,

The S.O.U.L Clinic has helped me out by getting me the stuff I'm needing. I am very grateful they exist.

13th May, 2015

Sandy Mitchell,

I am thankful for the soul clinic of Kentuckiana when I needed food and some other thing for my new home the clinic helped me. Dustin got all the things I needed with in a few hours. Thank you.

3rd January, 2015


Angela Rebah,

The SOUL Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc. has helped me with food, clothing and provided a list of housing for myself and my brother. They provided great customer service to me and my family. I would refer anyone to this organization for service.

9th December, 2014


Michael Abramovitz,

The SOUL Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc.

has been an enlightening experience restoring faith and humanity to my family in our time of need providing food and shelter to the less fortunate especially to a homeless veteran and his family making sure we have anew lease on life by getting us housed .Thank GOD and DUSTIN for caring about the less fortunate and again thank you for everything.

14th November, 2014


Gregory Kelley,

The SOUL Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc. has been very valuable to my wife and I, providing various services from housing to employment, clothing, food, etc. for us to name a few. The operator of the clinic has been and is still a very good friend to us, assisting us with counseling and great advice needed to get us through hard times. Being a member of the clinic has made us feel like part of the family. From my experience so far, once you become affiliated with the clinic you are family for life. And they are greatly appreciated by my wife and I.

16th October, 2014


Carol J Kelley,

I was settled in another county with a job, and all my family lived there too. Then one day Dustin Milam said to me. "You should come and work for me now" I asked the typical questions What,where,when, and the more we talked the more I fell in Love with SOUL Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc. program. It is everything I have ever wanted to do. It was like my heart and soul was crying get there as soon as you can. My husband and I packed a small overnight bag and went to meet with Dustin. I interviewed for the position and got the job. We were looking to relocate to be closer to the job and Dustin told us about this house across the street. Within hours we got the keys. SOUL Clinic of Kentuckiana with Dustin's assistance got us furniture, appliances, food, everything needed to set up house. It was truly a wonderful and amazing experience. My heart and soul is and will be in this Clinic for as long as it shall be. I took a leap of faith and have been blessed beyond every step of the way.
28th September, 2014


Jerry Childers,

The staff members are polite, helpful, supportive, and aren't afraid to go toe to toe on your behalf with the most abrasive and ill-tempered people you may meet. Nothing but praise for the entire organization and every thing they do.
1st August, 2014


Jeremy Ladusaw,

The SOUL Clinic of Kentuckiana has been instrumental in my life. I have had great many problems, road blocks pop up in my life if you will due to various reasons. Mostly being that I am a convicted felon for robbery and so it makes it extremely difficult to find employment. The Clinic and Mr. Milam and his staff came into my life and helped me when I was ready to give up. I was employed in just a week after talking to them, I had trouble with housing and they helped the best they could with that. I had a accident where a car hit me from behind on my bicycle and my face took the hit, extensive damage and the Clinic never left my side during that period or any other period. There should be more organizations out here geared and devoted to helping people in recovery, the convicted felons, and the homeless. I am in debt to the SOUL Clinic cause what they have given me, the kindness they have shown me is far more than I could ever give back to them.

21st July, 2014