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  Metro United Way recognizes                                                              SOUL Clinic in their "United Community"                                                Newsletter's Partner Spotlight. 

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Summer 2020'


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S.O.U.L Clinic of Kentuckiana is nonprofit organization of people in reinvention helping others reinvent themselves from chronic homelessness, unemployment, emotional and mental illness and re-entry.

S.O.U.L Clinic programs available in United Community:
● 180 Degrees: catering to clients completely starting over with just the clothes on their back.
The client receives assistance in applying for housing, healthcare, education, employment,
transportation, vital records, phones, and any other services the consumer may need within
the scope of our practice.
● S.O.U.L Kitchen: provides assistance to consumers applying for and meeting SNAP
(Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) eligibility requirements. Program will teach
consumers how to utilize SNAP benefits efficiently, develop a balanced, nutritional dietary
menu, meal preparation training, and resources to local food pantries
● Housing First: homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing permanent housing to
people experiencing homelessness.
● Job Won: conducts career assessment, resume writing, job training, assistance in applying
for employment, advocating for client to the employer and refrrals to other job training
programs as needed.
● Moving Forward: transportation program that offers bicycles, bus passes, and Lyft rides to
and from work until client receives second paycheck.
● Paralegal Services: Clients will meet with a paralegal to complete Supplemental Security
Income, Disability and Expungement screenings. The SOUL Patch: clothing closet.

● Who am I: provides assistance in obtaining a state issue identification card, drivers license,birth certificate, social security card.

Partner Spotlight:
S.O.U.L Clinic of Kentuckiana

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