Meet Our Family

"You see, it was a late, rainy night. I was alone with nowhere to go. But what I was searching for was not a home. At least not a home you could literally go to. You see, the word home was a feeling to me. It was not a place. That’s where things get messed up.

Unfortunately, my home would only last for about eight hours and when I would wake up, that home would take my body hostage. It would hold me captive to the point I would surrender anything that belonged to me, even my self-worth and dignity,"

-Julie A. Miller

These words I quote reflect on a time in my life as a heroin addict. I choose to identify my experience because that is the reality we face: young children in which are addicted to hard drugs. That is my story. My opioid addiction began at age 12 with the prescription use of OxyCottin. By age 15, I used intravenously. By age 18, I used I.V drugs daily. 

Today, I am grateful to share that there is an option:

Choose Life

I am also grateful to be contributing to SOUL Clinic web design as of Summer 2020. By grace, partners: Kentucky Youth Career Center (KYCC) and SOUL Clinic offered my internship to learn new skills and virtually shadow under the wing of Dustin Cox and the clinic's volunteers.

Through KYCC, I have gained my G.E.D and "am kept in the know" for further opportunities to better myself. Resources offered from non-profits such as SOUL Clinic and KYCC- they are game changers to a new and better life.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Your S.O.U.L Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc. Web Designer

Julie's  internship ended September 2020 but she was such an integral part of our organization her space will remain on our staff page. 

In 1999, Dustin became a ward of the state due to serious anger management issues & living in a single parent home, his mother was unable to control him. From 1999-2001 Dustin was placed in multiple psychiatric hospitals, group homes, foster care & juvenile detention centers.

 Dustin was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder, manic aggressive, explosive/implosive, & post traumatic stress disorder. 

Dustin has been on a myriad of psychotropic medication but has not been able to find a combination or formula that has been conducive to his recovery.

It has been more a matter of self control, will power & a phenomenal support system that has helped him to overcome his mental illness. 

During this period of Dustin's life he attended workshops & trainings throughout the community to build leadership skills.
He has acquired education from Western Kentucky University in the field of Psychology, is a QPR Instructor, ACT, ASIST10, & Tattered Teddies suicide prevention certified.

He is also certified as an Adult Peer Support Specialist from the Department for Behavioral and Intellectual Disabilities, along with Mental Health CPR, Mental Health First Aid & Psychological First Aid. He Is currently receiving training as a drug and alcohol faith counselor. He was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel in 2008 by Governor Steve Beshear.

Dustin has experienced a series of mental health relapses over the years & has returned to the hospital & even jail, however these experiences only equipped him to become the professional he his today. Dustin is now a recognized asset to the recovery community throughout Kentuckiana & is always proud to help others in recovery.

Co-Founder & Executive Director 

Joseph, or JD Cox, a native of Louisville, KY is a recovering intravenous drug user who has a passion for his recovery and to help others recover.

Active in his community, he sits on the Youth Advisory Board at Home of the Innocence and is in Frankfort frequently lobbying legislators for mental health reform and reintegration services for homeless youth.

JD currently possess certifications in QPR suicide prevention training, Storytelling Fundamentals (how to share your recovery story in a theraputic manner), De-escalation training from Louisville Metro Police Department, Narcan training and is recognized as a One Love Louisville Ambassador.

JD is the Executive Assistant to the Director for the SOUL Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc. and manages the day to day operations of the organization by responding to social media queries and conducts a daily check on homeless youth and youth who have recently obtained housing through many of the programs in Louisville.

JD is always willing to listen and is eager to help anyone in need who is committed to their recovery.

Joseph Cox

Dustin Cox, PhD

Hello! My name is Michayla Dickerson. I am an intern acting as the First Assistant for the wonderful Non-profit organization 'The SOUL Clinic of Kentuckiana'. I am a believer in second chances as life does not always go as planned. Take me for example! I wanted to be Beyonce's protégé, but she hasn't returned any of my emails. However, my love for helping others shined through and informed my decision to get involved in customer service. Now I am here, affecting lives one file at a time.

Painting Above| Acrylic on Canvas

By: Michayla Dickerson

Michayla's internship ended September 2020 but she was such an integral part of our organization her space will remain on our staff page. 

Michayla Dickerson

Coach Won

Coach has been in a strong marriage for 27+ years, this also included being a successful father as well. Coach's passion is to encourage people as they "Walk their individual path to recovery, and helping them uncover its rewards!"

Coach is also the founder of an online recovery resource. Please click on website link for a new tab to learn more. 


Debo, an Emotional support American Bull Dog came to the clinic in December 2018.

Debo has completed the Louisville Metro Police Department Citizen's Police Academy and the One Love Louisville Ambassador program.

Debo often attends the Metro United Way Case Manager's Lunch and Learn monthly meeting, The Coalition for the Homeless Continuum of Care meeting and the Greater Louisville Re-entry Council meeting.

He has also attended the Kentuckiana Pride Festival and even made visits to local hospitals to visit those in care.

Each event, Debo has displayed true friendship and compassion for those in need. Debo has spent the last year and a half tending to consumers with emotional concerns and some with medical health concerns. He is a very friendly and compassionate animal and is always looking forward to meeting new people.

Regional Officer Manger: Pikeville, KY

Coach Won has very extensive knowledge working through recovery both for substance abuse and mental disorders. Since serving in the mental health field for 15 years, he has achieved 30 certifications.

Including leadership roles as a peer support specialist, recovery coach, and is a Leadership Academy Graduate. When he was 21, he completed a 2-year rehabilitation program called "Possibilities Unlimited" and has been in successful recovery for 29+ years.

Carol Blackford ~ Retired

 Joshua Bickerdt

Joshua Bickerdt, an Ohio native, has been with the clinic since the fall of 2015. Josh brings his experience as a minister and a semester of technical training at I.T.T. Josh mainly works behind the scenes of the clinic providing guidance and technical support to clinic software/hardware/internet issues and is an advisor to the Executive Director for spiritual matters. Without Josh's continued support and advising this organization would be limited to the success it has achieved today.

 Julie A. Miller


Noelle comes from Bardstown, KY as a peer support. She is available for individuals who might be experiencing a small amount of anxiety or minor crisis to help navigate the who, what, where, when, how of a situation and find solutions to these issues. If a problem requires greater attention She will help get the consumer to an advanced level of care by referral to local/national crisis line, Crisis Intervention Team through the local police department, Crisis Stabilization Unit or local emergency room.



Molly Brewer, RN, BSN has been a registered nurse since Adam had a house cat. Molly has traveled the world providing care to the sick and those in need.

She spends a great deal of her time providing home healthcare to patients around the metro area and when she is available she provides baseline health screenings for consumers of the S.O.U.L Clinic.

Molly also assists consumers with dietary meal planing and provides baseline crisis stabilization to those in need. Molly has been apart of the clinic since 2013.



Anne is a paralegal from Oldham County, KY.

She has been with the clinic for a little over a year &

has provided phenomenal assistance to consumers applying for social security, disability, & supplemental security income benefits.

She also provides suggestions and guidance on criminal expungement & has connections to great attorneys in the metro area to provide

advanced level of services when needed.

Anne is a valuable asset to this organization & her services are greatly appreciated by the staff and consumers of the S.O.U.L Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc.