Chandra Stroud

Chandra is an experienced business support professional that provides a wide range of administrative support services for businesses and individuals.

She received her education from Sullivan University and the University of Louisville earning an Associate's Degree in Business Administration. Chandra retired from the University of Louisville after 24 years of service. Currently, she is a business owner and also the founder of A Hand Up Community Resource Center, Inc., a non-profit organization that seeks to provide needed resources for low income wage earners or under-employed individuals in the city of Louisville.

Chandra has a heart for those who have been left behind economically and socially. She believes that everyone deserves a decent standard of living. Chandra also serves on the board of Lost Sheep Ministries, Inc, and the S.O.U.L Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc. She is a volunteer with various organizations. Her interests are traveling, watching super-hero movies, gardening, reading, sitting on her porch and using her God-given gifts to advance the Kingdom of God.


Belinda Haynes

"I am a Talent Acquisition partner now so I recruit for internal positions like managers, sales people, staffing specialists. I have been with company over 6.5 years."

-Belinda at People Ready

General Member

Dustin Cox, PhD

We have had the chance to get to know Dustin 

From "Our Staff" Page,

So let us ask some -get to know you- questions:

(1.) Name three words that you describe you.
A: Compassion, Commitment, Counselor

(2.) What would be your personal motto?
A: My service to you gives me eternal glory

(3.) What does a typical work day look like for you?
A: turn the office on, check and respond to emails, follow up on cases in review, counsel consumers with daily tasks to achieve reinvention, a walk around the block to regroup, coordinate donations, wrap up.

(4.) How do you plan to grow your organization? A: Apply for grants to provide financial aid to consumers in need. Network with other agencies across the country to help consumers return home and gain their independence. Have a membership of consumers to develop an implement new programs and initiatives.

Executive Director

Ken McGrew

United State Army Veteran Ken McGrew 

is a native of Louisville, KY.

Ken served in the Army from 1989-1992 as an E-4 Cargo Specialist (88H).
Studied Biology / premed at Hampton University.

Hobbies include: Good food, learning new things and watching sports.

When asked why he wanted to be apart of the S.O.U.L Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc.? his response was "I enjoy being part of a team and I enjoy seeing the people that have slipped through the cracks get the help they need to get back on their feet." 

Not only does Ken set on the Board of Directors, he also provides health screenings and is an authorized provider of various lifeline phone services. 

General Member

Samantha Washington

Samantha is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has worked for the Department of Veteran Affairs for 12 years. Samantha began her career at the James J. Peters VAMC in The Bronx, New York, where she worked in the HUD VASH program for six years. She is currently working in the Homeless Program at the Robley Rex VAMC here in Louisville, Kentucky, where she has also worked with the homeless population for six years. Samantha received a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Illinois State University and a Master of Science in Social Work from the Columbia University School of Social Work.

Samantha specializes in Veteran's care and working with the homeless population. She is passionate about working with the homeless population stating, "People have helped me along the road of life, and I feel it is my duty to reach back and help others." She added "This is how life works, and I firmly believe that with the right services and resources in place, anyone can overcome anything, I'm living proof!"

Samantha serves as an Outreach Specialist in the Healthcare for Homeless Veteran's Program where she is primarily stationed at St. John's Men's Day Shelter and Wayside Christian Ministries Shelter. Her duties also consist of doing outreach work in the Southern Indiana area and answering Hotline Crisis calls for veteran's in need. When she is not working, Samantha most enjoys spending time with her husband Joseph and her children, visiting with family, traveling, and watching Netflix.


Carol Blackford

We have had the chance to get to know Carol

From "Our Staff" Page,

So let us ask some -get to know you- questions:

(1.) What are you most passionate about professionally?

I am very passionate about helping others so they can achieve a better them.

(2.) What’s your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment. Helping others complete their goals.

(3.) What problems do you consistently solve for your clients/work?
Assistance with job placement, Housing, General assistance such as  food, clothing, foods banks etc.

(4.) How has personal experience helped you professionally?
Helping other puts a smile on my face and in my heart.

(5.) Please include a quote that means most to you.
Do unto others as you would have done unto you.


Board of Directors