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Take that pain you are feeling and look at it through different set of eyes. Everything that you went through has made you who you are today. The feeling you feel is real and that is ok. It's better to have tryd to love than never felt love. Use what you went through and show yourself what cha got. Cjb 7/24/20

I do wish I could rewind time. There are some I would love more and others alot less. Some I would hold longer and other let go a little faster. Some I'm glad that left my side or I let them go. Some that thought me how to be strong. Others thought me when to run But all in all I'm glad our paths crossed. Cjb 7/21/20


SOUL SPEAK Writing Pieces

Remember When?

By Dustin Cox
January 15, 2009 at 8:56 PM 

Remember when getting high meant swinging at the playground, the worst thing you could get from the same sex was cooties, dad was your hero and mom was the girl you were gonna marry, your worst enemies were your teachers or your siblings, race issues was who ran the fastest, war was a card game, the only drugs you knew was cough medicine and a girl that wore a skirt didn't have to be a slut; the only thing you smoked were the tires on your bike, the only thing that hurt was skinned knees and the only things that can get broken were your toys. life was simple and care free, but what i remember the most... was wanting to grow up.

About Love in Loyalty

By Dustin Cox
January 25, 2009 at 6:04 PM 

Loyalty or fidelity means devoted commitment that cannot be broken easily. To be loyal, means to adhere to all the promises made for the lifetime. To keep all the commitments made, forever. Loyalty is rather a very easy word but a very laudable quality that is difficult to keep for a lot many people.

Loyalty does not consider change in circumstances. If I am loyal to my partner and my partner meets with an accident that disfigures him/her badly, does not mean that I go away to somebody better looking. If I commit to someone about my relationship and that person goes broke after sometime, does not mean that I will look for richer persons. Every situation that comes tests loyalty. In some countries the law allows you to break your marriage owes if your partner goes lunatic. But many loyal people don't break the relationship even at that time.

Every relationship rests on trust and truth. If the relationship began with lies, it can never sustain. The foundation is of lies. How truth can grow from the seed of lie? The first need or requirement of going in a long-term relationship is to be truthful in all respects. Fooling others into believing untruths is a sin.

Once you have decided to and committed loyalty, you should never break it under any circumstances. There can be no excuse for that. By doing any such act, we hurt the other partner who believed in us, and we hurt ourselves by becoming an unfaithful and unreliable person. We lose our self-esteem totally after that. Once that happens, the path is only downhill, all the way to hell. Love and loyalty go together. How can we be disloyal in love? That is an impossible thought.

To love and to be loved is a blessing. To break that by being disloyal is sinning against goodness and God. If by any chance one does an act of disloyalty, one must immediately confess and ask for forgiveness. Will the relationship ever remain same after this act of disloyalty? No. Unless one is lucky to have an extra ordinary partner, the relationship will never remain the same. Better to be a loyal and truthful person always.

One day when you wake up and realize everything is going wrong and you cant speak or make sense. How can anyone know what you need How can you say what you mean if your words dont come out right. I need Help. It feels like a wire is short and nothing is connected together to be able to speak just right. I wanna scream I wanna yell wait I get that from you cause you cant understand and you think your confused. I am confused I am depressed I have hatred too. no one can understand me I dont know what to do. I hate this I cant bare no more. what I dont understand, is I can remember back in the ol daz but to remembering yesterday is a joke or disaster.
Why dont you help me. Why don't you understand. I may be young so dont be so quick to judge. Age has nothing to do with it. Memory fades even on worse days no matter who you are. Being scared dont help this plague. I need help maybe your right, I'm to young to be this away. Let just brush her off and say it is fibro fog. I need help someone to understand, because I dk If I cant take much more.  I hold onto nothing that was before. Just childhood memories. With not thought of yesterday. What am I to do? Why me? Why...
Could this be dementia or Alzheimer's or could it just be my luck, will my mind be right again will I go insane, what am I to do. I don't know. Im scared to death not understanding why this is happening to me. I dont know what to do I need Help but where do I ask for it everyone gets me wrong. They are frustrated cause there talk time went up or it inconvenienctly messed up the first part of there day. Well all I Know is I have looked for help everywhere and no one will help me you know who you are. Yes I'm angry yes I'm frustrated.. where did compassion go? Where are the days of helping people just because. Compassion goes along way. Even knowing that. What happened with people being caring and kind and having compassion to one another.? Oh I remember you all forgot and have no clue. So I have to ask myself
now what do I do?. Will I be in trouble if I wait for you?

Written by CJB 82019